Hello there!

My name is Louis Stansfield. I’m 37. I’m a husband and father to a 5(yikes!)-year-old I will henceforth refer to as “Piglet” (why? later) and a baby daughter nicknamed ‘Dragon’. It might seem like an odd place to start but one thing you need to know about me is that I’m allergic to milk. My son is also allergic to milk. And soya. As a result my wife also has to avoid those two allergens. Basically what I’m trying to say is that avoiding milk and soya forms a not inconsiderable amount of my time.

Eating out (and even eating in) can be quite stressful. Some places are brilliant; some places embarrassing. But finding out what places can be like in advance can be nigh on impossible. So that’s what I wanted to do: document good and bad experiences, share some of our learnings and help others in similar situations.

My plan is to review eating experiences as signposts for others and share some of the anecdotes and quirks of parenthood along the way. I hope you enjoy!