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The Hike

A gentle stroll in the park. Well, actually a pretty long stroll for a 4-year old who did remarkably well – all things considered. We planted the idea a few weeks ago. I can’t remember what got us talking about it but I mentioned how much I loved walking in hills and mountains. I guess…

By Allergendad 4th July 2020 0

On yer bike

Another weekend, another distinct absence of dining out experiences… It’s funny, it’s not a conscious decision at all – sometimes I do feel like we should eat out less to try and save money but 2019 has just been a case of ‘different distractions’ meaning that we just haven’t found ourselves in the kind of…

By Allergendad 15th February 2019 0

The big walk

Another week, another walk. Although a lot has changed since last week. I’m 34 now for a start (did I mention I had a birthday on the way?) Birthday presents still gratefully appreciated. These Bose Headphones are still on the wish list if anyone’s wondering if they’ve missed the boat? Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II)…

By Allergendad 15th January 2019 0