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9-bar, finely ground bean water

Sounds nice doesn’t it? No? How about medium-dark roasted coffee beans grown at high altitude, finely but consistently ground into a light powder, tamped tightly into a ~18g ‘puck’, pre infused with near-boiling water and then perfectly extracted by (optimally) high pressure water for roughly 30 seconds to make a tiger-striped, aromatic, crema-topped velvety 40g…

By Allergendad 23rd February 2022 0

New Job

Thoughts on a first day Well… not quite the start to my first day in a new job I was hoping for. I arrived at Slough train station in plenty of time only to find that all trains running between London Paddington and Reading were suspended. Roughly 90 mins later I was finally on a…

By Allergendad 17th February 2022 1

Foggs in Windsor

There aren’t many non-big-chain coffee shops in Windsor. It’s crying out for something like the Boston Tea Party we had in Bath and Bristol, or Brew and Brownie as we recently found in York. I can’t help thinking that if someone was to tap into the barista-quality coffee market here; there’d be queues round the…

By Allergendad 16th September 2018 0