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Dairy Free Quick Pizza

Once again, I’m going suggest making something as if it’s a recipe when in fact it’s really just using a Jus-Rol product exactly as it’s intended. Only this time, instead of making sausage rolls from puff pastry, we’re going to make sourdough pizza from a sourdough mix… The reason I’m sharing this, though, is that…

By Allergendad 28th September 2018 0

Sausage Rolls

So I feel a bit bad claiming this to be a ‘dairy-free’ or ‘soya free’ suggestion as it doesn’t actually include any substitute ingredients. However, it’s a really easy and tasty lunch/snack that adults and little Piglets will enjoy alike. It’s also the kind of thing that could well have butter in if you were…

By Allergendad 17th September 2018 0

Soya-free soy sauce

I love Asian food. Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Indian, Indonesian; brilliant for not only being delicious but also fairly good for not relying on Cow’s Milk as an ingredient. My love for Asian food is encouraged by the fact that my wife’s family are heavily linked to Asia; China, Malaysia and Singapore in particular. As a…

By Allergendad 2nd September 2018 2